Frequently Asked Questions


About Ping

What is Ping and what messaging does it secure?

Ping is an anti-scam verification solution that empowers the recipients of business communications to verify it as authentic before interacting with its content. Ping’s verification technology secures messaging sent across a variety of channels including Business SMS (A2P), Business Email (both system and mail client-generated) and Business Communications Platforms (such as WhatsApp, Line, Viber).

Will Ping store a copy of the messages it secures?

When a message's content is required for the verification process, Ping only stores a representation of message - in the form of a “Hash” - so will not require the original content.

What alerts and insights does Ping provide?

The Ping service leverages behavioural insights gained from verification activities to provide AI-powered alerts & insights to both the senders and recipients of business communications. Message recipients receive risk profiles for messages they receive and verify whilst sending organisations benefit from a reporting suite that surfaces anomalies and targeted profiles to help deal with the threat of impersonated communications.

As an organisation, how do I make Ping available through my own App?

Ping’s in-app verifier can be embedded within an organisation's existing mobile applications through an easy-to-implement SDK. By providing a seamless verification experience to their customers, organisations can now proactively protect their brand from the harmful impact of successful scams.

As a message recipient, how does Ping protect me?

Ping provides recipients a simple way to verify a message's authenticity before they interact with its content, protecting them from bad actors who use impersonation to execute a variety of scams. The solution allows a message to be verified through the sender's own interface (mobile app) to ensure that recipients can trust the assurances they are provided.

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